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The SiVal SSE series cooled CCD Cameras are widely used for telescopes. Equipped with the camera, telescope system can easily capture and transmit high quality images.

  • TEC Cooled Technology
  • Low noise, high sensitivity and high resolution
  • USB2.0 and Guide Interface
Products Specifications
Description Item Code Price Availability  
SV-SSE5 (SV-SSE5) $2,244.99 In stock!

SV-SSE6 (SV-SSE6) $2,244.99 In stock!

SV-SSE6Pro (SV-SSE6Pro) $3,244.00 In stock!

SV-SSE8 (SV-SSE8) $3,544.00 In stock!

SV-SSE8Pro (SV-SSE8Pro) $4,244.00 In stock!

SV-SSE9 (SV-SSE9) $4,444.00 In stock!

SV-SSI2Pro (SV-SSI2Pro) $4,445.00 In stock!

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